Product Lifecycle Support Services

What’s important when you’re choosing electromechanical assembly services? Some of our customers in the past have turned to Star Werk’s after receiving orders that were incorrect, have low quality, or after experiencing delayed shipping times with poor communication. Many of our long-time customers have started with us through one of our services and have stayed for the great business relationship.

We don’t claim outright that we can “do it all” but decades of experience have made us particularly skilled in nearly aspect from product development to release. In this article we’ll cover some of our services acquired through experience.

Supplier Consolidation

We’re experienced in managing every step in the product lifecycle. Because of this, we have insight into making the entire process simpler for customers. This comes by consolidating current supplier list to help streamline the manufacturing process. Meanwhile we handle communication every step of the way. It’s a single solution that can help deliver to your customers and help get what they need faster.

Logistics Services

Coordinating international shipments can be stressful process. Though after years of  developing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers internationally, it’s a service that we are glad to provide. Locating your products and materials is crucial for planning.


Kitting is a value-added service for Star Werks customers. Products are labeled, include barcodes and a description can be provided.

Repair, Testing, Evaluation

In managing the storage, accuracy and delivery in the manufacturing process we can also ensure that the end product is up to customer standards. Our experienced engineers specialize in quality and can handle repairs in the event of a substandard product.

If you’re interested in more information on these services and want to learn more about how Star Werks can add value to your operation, send us a message!