How Important are Certifications?

Most professionals are inclined to say that certifications are “crucial” for doing business in any type of manufacturing environment. But from a human standpoint, it is generally understood that a large part of doing business (in any setting) revolves around relationships. Over time, these relationships and the history of services can seem to be more valuable than a certification altogether. Unfortunately, it may be affecting the overall quality of the final product.

While a lack of certification does not necessarily mean that manufacturers/suppliers in long standing business relationships are unqualified, we’ve found value for our customers in keeping our certifications current and diverse while still offering the best customer service and product development/engineering support possible.

Customer Satisfaction - Consistent Quality - Reduced Cost - New Product Support Market Expansion - Reduced Environmental Impact

Our Certifications

Certifications demand product consistency and standards. Here at Star Werks, we are dedicated to quality, innovation and addressing the pain points from current product development and supply chain.