Looking For A Product Catalog?


We receive inquiries about product catalogs quite often. However, we do not offer them (for a good reason). It’s because the majority of our products are custom. But what does that mean exactly? Anyone can offer off-the-shelf electrical components, but we specialize in working with OEMs to engineer components with improved quality and compatibility, along with value-added engineering for specific products.

A lot of times we work with customers who have faced quality issues with suppliers and help to get them out of trouble with our focus on follow-up, reaction time and delivering customized high-grade options. And sometimes that means dealing with projects unrelated to PCBA, custom cables or electronic components entirely.

As part of our service, we also specialize in communicating with vendors and managing the product lifecycle throughout its various stages, as required. But it’s hard to sell service through a catalog, or while looking at numbers on a quote form.

So we may not have a catalog, but examples of past works can be found on our project page here on our site.

Want more examples of our past works? Contact us for a brochure of services. Or perhaps more importantly, simply ask us how we can add value to your organization.