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Product Spotlight: Turnkey Assemblies

In addition to customized cables and PCBA assembly, Star Werks is also an experienced provider of custom fabrication services. It has lead to a variety of turnkey projects over the years.

Many of these customers opt for turnkey solutions when they are seeking more durable versions of existing products for their line. Most recently we designed ruggedized Wifi for a customer (which can be shown in the example below).


Star Werks was also approached for a project that included telephone-style handset. The project required the phone to be highly durable and able to withstand more extreme temperatures. But the phone was to retain the full set of features, and also include an LED keypad.

Turnkey Assemblies Backlit

Custom Turnkey Assemblies 

The backgrounds of our leadership team allow us to provide top-tier customized services for our customers. While we’re able to help source materials, our true value is working with teams to solve manufacturing challenges.

Our turnkey assemblies also include a number of value-added options. We can include custom product packaging, barcode labeling, and a rapid turnaround time. Plus, all of our assemblies environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant.

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