Value-added Services, Added Through Experience

In an industry dominated by “lowest price wins”, we operate a bit differently than most. You might think of us as a “manufacturing partner” or an “electronic manufacturing and engineering service provider”, but we’ve never been able to simply call ourselves “a supplier.” The relationships we’ve developed with our customers are what have allowed us to provide them with value-added services.

Typically, our customers require top-grade and even customized components. It’s a much different relationship than filling orders. Through the years we’ve found ourselves handling rework jobs and coordinating offsite warehousing for customers.


While some manufacturers claim that they can “do it all” to win more business, we have experienced a natural progression of added services. Our experience in working closely with customers has allowed us to take on roles that we offer as value-added options.  

For example, we now regularly assist customers with supply chain management, kitting, labeling, global logistics coordination, and even handling their documentation needs. And sometimes new customers have started with one of these options and have grown over time.

We believe that is because our practices remain the same: we get the price, get the delivery, and make it on time. If you want more information on our added-value services, or have any questions contact us today!